Home Cleaning Services In Atlanta

At Atlanta Maintenance Services we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to provide an excellent general cleaning service,

 but, above all, we work conscientiously, so that our clients feel completely satisfied.We perform a deep residential cleaning;

we sweep, shake, mop, wash bathrooms, clean kitchens, all kinds of furniture, clean the garage and we tend beds.

General Residential Cleaning

The cleaning time varies depending on the size and condition of the residence and, among other details or aspects to be considered as the type of decoration, the furniture and the materials from which they are built.

In residential cleaning work, it is not necessary to sign contracts, but it is essential to define the regularity with which the client acts. It can be a single time, where it is usually charged per hour, or periodically. The price for the provision of the service will depend on the frequency.

General Commercial Cleaning

In the commercial field, we are professionals in the free cleaning service. We would become your personal and professional cleaning team so that your company is always clean and well presented. If you require the facility during the night or early morning hours, we also provide it.

We take care of collecting garbage, vacuuming carpets, washing bathrooms, mopping and polishing floors, cleaning furniture and glass in schools, restaurants, churches, clinics, dentists or doctors clinics and any office.

We offer an estimate of the price of the contract free of charge, and we estimate the costs of the work, to fix the price if you agree on a regular service. In commercial premises, contracts are usually signed for one year.

Take Note And Hands To The Work!

Find a small vacuum cleaner that will help you perform the first task of cleaning the surface of the vehicle’s propeller. With this humble appliance, you can remove accumulated sheets and dirt from accumulated dust and debris.

After having removed some elements and pieces of leaves that can be placed in the mechanics, wet the part of the engine plate with water and rinse it later. It is essential that in this step you take special care with the electrical system and leave a prudential distance between the most sensitive parts of the mechanics.

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How to Care for Your Deck Awning

Imagine sitting outside, sipping on an ice cold glass of lemonade while your deck awning protects you from the grueling sun. Deck Awnings are one of the most appreciated house accessory on the market today. They can turn any deck into a beautiful covered porch. You get the best of both worlds with a deck awning. You can sunbathe when you like and you can sit in the shade when you like. Simply it roll out and retract. In order to maintain your appreciated home accessory, there are some things you should always to do protect your deck awning.

Remove Mildew

Mildew is an unwelcome guest for any deck awning. It is ugly and has an unpleasant odor. Mildew is caused by pollen that sits in a damp, dark area for too long. It may sound backwards, but to prevent mildew, hose down your awning every week. Although this does get your awning moist, it will remove the pollen that creates the mildew. You should be sure to do this on a clear, sunny day. This will ensure your deck awning is completely dry before rolling it up towards the house. Be sure you do not use too harsh of detergents on your deck awning. These could break down the waterproofing materials that protect you from weather.

Limit Power

Washing A power washer can be a useful tool when it comes to vehicles. However, power washers are not so gentle on deck awnings. The extra water pressure caused by the power washer weakens the deck awning fabric. The water simply forces the weave open. It is best to leave the power washing to vehicles.

Penetrating Oil

Bird droppings and stains can be bothersome to deck awning owners. There is an easy way to rid of this problem. Use a spray of penetrating oil like WD-40 to rub the area. After the deck awning area is clean, rise it with clean water. Any remaining stain should be treated with mild detergent. Remember, do not over use detergent on your deck awning.

There is nothing more handy to a family than a deck awning. They are easy to install, enjoy, and maintain. Deck Awning maintenance is as easy as one, two, three: remove the mildew, limit any power washing, and use penetrating oil to remove bird droppings. Your deck awning will last for years to come by following these simple maintenance tips.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

The particular passage of the vacuum cleaner is not enough to maintain, over time, a clean carpet that retains its original beauty and is free of particles or moisture that cause damage to the fiber, the pad, and the floor. This is a job for professionals.

With a clean carpet depends on the excellent appearance of a house and the health of residents and visitors. In the opposite direction, a dirty and stained carpet decreases the value of the property and the environment, as well as causing respiratory problems.

The care for the general cleanliness can be added, in addition, that an accident or carelessness can cause a great disappointment when the damage affects that beautiful carpet that makes him so proud; but, in all cases, we offer you the solution and whether you need a routine cleaning or an emergency, we are here to serve you.

We are a professional team that provides residential carpet cleaning service 24 hours a day, and we can inform you, honestly, if your residence needs a carpet cleaning or not, because of the dirt transported by the shoes and air, children’s routines, pet hairs or damage caused by humidity.

We estimate you personally, after evaluating the work, and we do not establish minimum sizes to provide the service.

Total Floor Care

The cleaning, waxing, polishing and proper treatments are determining factors to beautify the floors and add years of life.

A waxing and polishing routine is required to give them the rejuvenating shine that gives off a mild exclamation to their visitors and ratifies their commitment with the quality of their services and the attention to their clients.

But, even if a cleaning, waxing and polished work are carried out, it is always going to give rise, over time, to accumulations and incrustations of wax and dirt particles that must be removed.

At Atlanta Maintenance Service we have the right personnel, equipment, and cleaning products to remove that dirt and grease that age and disfigure the floors, be it wood, granite, marble or ceramic.

We eliminate the old or encrusted waxes and wax again; we polish and maintain the waxed floors in any material, in schools, gyms, restaurants, churches, clinics, offices, offices.

We offer you the estimates for free and without obligation; and it will depend on the client if he prefers our services with or without a contract, with the advantage that we provide our service 24 hours a day.

Cleaning Cars At Atlanta

Many people have cars; however, few have enough time to clean it. In that line, those who want to have their vehicle always impeccable and gleaming should take it to a specific place and wait too long for their car to be ready.

The annoying rows, long waits, and the displacement are some of the reasons that the drivers have to, sometimes, wait for the cleaning and let the car dirty a little more.

Many drivers long to have their car clean, without having to leave the house. What better than to offer a home cleaning service? The progressive increases in car sales are one of the best reasons to start this business.

Do not wait any longer and start your business!


For this business, you need tools for cleaning cars and personnel that know how to do it.

It is essential that the home cleaning service has no limits; strive to get everywhere. This way, your clientele will increase, and you will become known.

The operators that work with you must be trained to deliver a quality service, where professionalism and seriousness are a fundamental part.

You must use specialized products in car cleaning and developed for the care and aesthetic maintenance of vehicles. These should be the best brands, so you can promote your service with the plus of using the best products.

The service you provide must include the cleaning and thorough washing of the exterior body; cleaning, polishing wheels, plugs, and wheels. For the interiors, there is the cleaning and conditioning of seats, rugs, door covers, trunk, board, and glass, as well as the cleaning and hydration of leather and leather upholstery and the elimination of bad odors.

As time goes by, and you have more infrastructure, you can increase the services you will deliver, and improve the way you promote yourself.

Car washes. Cleaning on wheels

Among the main benefits provided by this means of transport is the possibility of moving with less effort and in a more comfortable way over short and long distances. Another advantage is the ability to transport what you want as long as the car can store it. Even beyond its functionality and comfort, for some, it is a symbol of social status.

For all this, the internal and external cleaning of your car is as necessary as the one made at home, and before that, any help is well received.

There are establishments that for a certain price can do the complete cleaning of your car. Some offer special packages with specific treatments for some regions of the vehicle such as fenders, rugs, seats, etc., to keep it in good aesthetic condition.

In this Purchase Compass, you will know the services offered by the car washes, their characteristics and the price for the washing of a car and a van.

Necessary cleaning of the car engine

So essential is the exterior cleaning of the car so that it looks the best side when we drive with it on the road, such as cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle’s engine. But … Do you know when and how to do it?

The summer months can significantly affect the accumulation of dirt, sand, and debris in the car’s mechanical system. Therefore, from Midas, we give you the necessary steps so that you can quickly clean it yourself.