Residential Carpet Cleaning

The particular passage of the vacuum cleaner is not enough to maintain, over time, a clean carpet that retains its original beauty and is free of particles or moisture that cause damage to the fiber, the pad, and the floor. This is a job for professionals.

With a clean carpet depends on the excellent appearance of a house and the health of residents and visitors. In the opposite direction, a dirty and stained carpet decreases the value of the property and the environment, as well as causing respiratory problems.

The care for the general cleanliness can be added, in addition, that an accident or carelessness can cause a great disappointment when the damage affects that beautiful carpet that makes him so proud; but, in all cases, we offer you the solution and whether you need a routine cleaning or an emergency, we are here to serve you.

We are a professional team that provides residential carpet cleaning service 24 hours a day, and we can inform you, honestly, if your residence needs a carpet cleaning or not, because of the dirt transported by the shoes and air, children’s routines, pet hairs or damage caused by humidity.

We estimate you personally, after evaluating the work, and we do not establish minimum sizes to provide the service.

Total Floor Care

The cleaning, waxing, polishing and proper treatments are determining factors to beautify the floors and add years of life.

A waxing and polishing routine is required to give them the rejuvenating shine that gives off a mild exclamation to their visitors and ratifies their commitment with the quality of their services and the attention to their clients.

But, even if a cleaning, waxing and polished work are carried out, it is always going to give rise, over time, to accumulations and incrustations of wax and dirt particles that must be removed.

At Atlanta Maintenance Service we have the right personnel, equipment, and cleaning products to remove that dirt and grease that age and disfigure the floors, be it wood, granite, marble or ceramic.

We eliminate the old or encrusted waxes and wax again; we polish and maintain the waxed floors in any material, in schools, gyms, restaurants, churches, clinics, offices, offices.

We offer you the estimates for free and without obligation; and it will depend on the client if he prefers our services with or without a contract, with the advantage that we provide our service 24 hours a day.